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Just Because You Are Highly Educated Doesn't Mean You Are A Leader!

Jill shares why some many businesses who promote highly educated professionals into management end up with micromanagers instead of leaders.

Leaders do whatever it takes to make their teams thrive. One key component of that is creating an environment where everyone (every single employee) feels valued and appreciated.

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Learn Why Jill is Different Than Other Leadership Coaches

Jill talks about her C.A.R.E. Leadership model.

People want to be valued and appreciated for the work they do.

Hear about Jill's dream to make every company a place where everyone wants to come to work every day.

ACPE Credits for Pharmacists with both talks.

How to Get More Done in Less Time so You Can Have a Life Outside of Work

Healthcare professionals love us because we empower them to have a powerful career and a meaningful life with a 7-days virtual summit.

Our 21 incredible experts will show you how to:

- Build a legacy for your family with simple and real constructive methods

- Become a leader and a team member that your organization cannot afford to lose

- Feel good and look good so you can give the best of you not what has left you for your patients and loved ones

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Listen to Learn Why Jill Started UpLevel To Lead

The future of coaching is bright - there are SO MANY Future Success Stories in the making.

Today I'm speaking with Jill Hunter, who worked in a challenging environment as a pharmacist for a company that valued only numbers. Employee morale was very low and the idea of empathetic leadership was a pipe dream.

Jill began her new journey as a response to her situation. She works with business leaders with companies driven by KPIs, and helps them lead with empathy instead of fear and micromanagement.

Surviving Quarantine by Spreading Life- How to C.A.R.E. with Jill Hunter, RPh, MBA

Replay of Livestream interview with Workzbe's Emily Elrod originally broadcast on March 31, 2020


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