After 26 years as a pharmacist, I have decided to stop serving one patient at a time and direct my attention to the culture inside the walls of organizations. Tired of consoling coworkers, berated by managers driving them to tears.  

The common healthcare culture is one ruled by Fear Management. Don’t perform according to their metrics and you will be replaced with a warm body as long as they hold a valid license.

When I became Director of Pharmacy, instead of mimicking what other leaders did I did want my heart told me was the right thing to do. I lead my team with empathy. Guess what happened to the numbers? They took care of themselves!  

I created UpLevel To Lead to show professionals how to become leaders known for compassion and genuine appreciation for their employees.

Join me and my mission to make companies I work with places where everyone wants to come to work each day

Start inspiring everyone around you to be more engaged. 

Step up and become a heart-centered leader! 


Jill Hunter, RPh, MBA

Step Up to Lead...

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